Discharge Planning and Transition Care Management with Assisted Telehealth Platform-ATP™

Navigating the complexities of patient discharges and transition care management can be challenging. That’s where AtheleMED – Assisted Telehealth Platform-ATP™ comes in. Our platform is specifically designed for transitional care management, addressing the requirements of hospital discharge planners and case managers. Leveraging advanced technology, it seamlessly facilitates the management of care delivery and enhances patient outcomes during the critical transitional period from hospital to home. By employing an integrated, team-based approach, the platform empowers these professionals to effectively navigate the complexities of transitional care, resulting in a smooth and successful transition for patients. 

The ATP platform features web-enabled clinical diagnostic tools used by certified Telehealth Medical Assistants, who act as virtual hands, eyes, and ears of the Provider under direct video supervision, assisting in performing medical exams as if the Provider were actually there. They capture real-time vitals and diagnostic data that are critical to delivering accurate diagnosis and treatment plans.

With The ATP-Assisted Telehealth Platform™, Providers have access to vital information that was not previously available with traditional telehealth solutions, resulting in improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

We bring the “Human Touch” to Telehealth.





Streamlined Care Coordination

The ATP acts as a centralized hub and simplifies the discharge planning process, allowing you to coordinate post-acute care services, arrange necessary equipment, and schedule follow-up appointments seamlessly. By automating these tasks, you can save valuable time and ensure a smooth transition for your patients., connecting all stakeholders involved in the patient’s care journey. With easy-to-use communication tools, you can collaborate effectively with physicians, nurses, therapists, social workers, and even patients and their families. Stay connected, exchange real-time updates, and make informed decisions together.

Smooth Transition to Home or Community Care:

A successful transition to home or community care is vital for patient recovery. Our platform offers interactive patient education modules and customizable care plans to empower patients and their families. Through secure video consultations, you can provide ongoing support, answer questions, and address concerns, reducing the risk of readmissions and improving patient satisfaction.